This website has been created to bring you the experience of Super Fresh all from the comfort of your own home.  Please find some useful tips in finding your way round our virtual store.


  • Items are available to order in 500g or 1kg quantities. Click on the weight box to find what you would like to order


  • Each member of our staff has been carefully selected to ensure that only the best is handpicked for your delivery


  • We are delivering Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm


  • All orders are delivered with 24-48 hours. Your confirmation of order email will let you know what day you can expect your delivery, there is also a banner at the beginning of the store to let you know. 


  • An email will be sent to you once your order leaves our warehouse, you can generally expect delivery to your door within 3-4 hours of receiving the email.


  • Please always refresh your feed for the latest updates in store, delivery dates, prices, new specials and products.


  • You can always make special requests for packing, or items through your Notes/Comments section of your order



  • In the event we can not supply you with an item you will receive a note in your order with a full refund for its total value to your original payment method


  • All fresh produce is subject to imperfections some marks or bruises, if you have a query about a refund please refer to our Refund Policy


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